Savouring the Anticipation of a First Kiss…

Couple in love, enjoying in nature at the sunset (sunrise)Savouring the anticipation of a first kiss…

Prolonging the ecstatic agony – it’s like holding my breath ‘til the last drop of air is spent and burnt…

Pushing your hair away from your face, fingers gently lingering, brushing your cheek…

Relishing the moment in slowest motion – imagination projecting the first tingling breaths combining…

Lips not quite meeting in a transient linger – stretching anticipation to an absolute breaking point…

My hands on your waist, yours on my chest – a tango like push-pull of physical tension…

And the finest gossamer tenderness as mouths at last touch – a sub-atomic spark…

Then the first heavenly tastes as tongues cautiously intertwine…

Finally giving way to a divinely reserved urgency…

An imperceptible gasp – you playfully bite my lip, just a hint of delights yet to be explored…

An eternally endless moment of perfect bliss.

But for now, I’m just savouring the anticipation of a first kiss…

(c) SolarWind

3rd June 2017



Watching the Clouds

3ec3fa1da85963cb351d6473643a7f79May day for some, Beltaine for others. I went for a dawn walk this morning at Bratton Camp, & watched a doe emerge from the mist. Beautiful, mysterious, magical, inspiring & breath taking all at once. An enigma. She didn’t stay long, as surprised to see me as I was her, startled, she darted off back into the mist again.

It was grey & overcast so no sun rise to watch, so I watched the clouds overhead instead. This was what I was gifted 🙂

Watching the Clouds.

A woman,
A genie,
A phoenix,
A dragon,
A demon,
A perching peacock,
An inverted horse.

A dolphin,
An eagle,
A snakes head,
A ring,
An archer,
A dogs head,
A bee.

A mermaid,
A hare,
A crowned silhouette,
A crow,
A whale,
A lion,
A seahorse.

The sky…

1st May 2017

Dream Dancers

space-dance1Another one Mike cleverly turned into a whimsically innocent & simple (if a little cheesy :D) song. Originally, I’d been playing with the idea of astral travel & wanted to write a response to Queen’s ‘Dreamers Ball‘, & this emerged. I had to add a bit of repetition, which while it made it work as a song, I think spoilt it as a poem a little, this is the poem version reconstructed as best I remember it.

Dream Dancers

Go to sleep and I’ll call on you,
Take you wherever you want to go.
We’re going dream dancing.
See the world through your minds eye,
Looking down from beyond the sky,
We’re going sleep romancing.

To the stars, or across the sea,
Doesn’t matter, if you’re with me,
When we go dream dancing.
Through the power of unconscious minds,
We’ll be together ‘cross distance and time,
When we go sleep romancing.

Want to seduce you through your dreams,
Take you places you’ve never seen,
I’m taking you dancing.
You’re still his in your waking hours,
In your sleep with magic-like power,
I’m taking you sleep romancing.

Go to sleep and I’ll call on you,
Take you wherever you want to go.
See the world through your minds eye,
Looking down from beyond the sky,
We’re going dream dancing,
We’re going sleep romancing…

17th July 1998

(I recently found out the Cole Porter wrote a song called ‘Dream Dancing‘ & Ella Fitzgerald has an album of the same name (which it appears on), but this has nothing to do with either, I guess it has a very similar theme though.)


sirius_600Spooky. This is seventeen years old to the day.


See you, in the night sky.
See you, in my mind.
Light-years, come between us.
But I’m still waiting for a sign.

(And you’re) Calling, calling me home.
Calling, calling me home.

Feel you, in my mem’ries.
Feel you, so near but far away.
Day light, comes between us.
Waiting ‘til the end of day.

Red to green to blue to gold.
Watch the spectrum above unfold.
Touch my heart, warm my soul.
No longer alone, No longer cold.

Hear you, in the midnight.
Hear you, ‘cross the time.
Listening, for the echoes.
Watch, as I lay back to recline.

(And you’re) Calling, calling me home.
Calling, calling me home.

Watch me, shine above me.
Watch me, in my dreams.
Waiting, for the moment.
But eons pass, least that’s how it feels.

Red to green to blue to gold.
Watch the spectrum above unfold.
Touch my heart, warm my soul.
No longer alone, No longer cold.

2nd February 2000

Heaven Can Wait

002153-sb1I particularly like this one.

Heaven Can Wait

Too much to do,
Too much to see,
Too much to feel,
Too much to be.

I’ve tried things your way,
But now is the time,
To loosen the shackles,
& show you mine.

Too many horizons,
To set compass for,
Unchartered seas,
Beg to explore,
(Swim out passed the shallows,
& kick from the shore.)

Feel the wind at my back,
Salt on my tongue,
Chasing the sunrise,
‘Til this day is done.

Follow the porpoise,
As he leaps at the bows,
Dive in behind him,
& follow him down.
Down into blue silence –
Sing with grey whales,
No-one is there,
Our dreams to curtail.

Then back to the surface,
Lungs bursting to breathe,
Take off – follow the seagull,
& do as we please.

But feel free to join us,
As we swoop & we soar,
Back over the shallows,
& head in for shore.

Too much to do,
Too much to see,
Too much to feel,
Too much to be.
– Heaven can wait.

18th February 2004

(Nothing to do with either this, or this which are both great in their own rights)

Chinese New Year & The Dragons Gate

xdragonkoi-jpg-pagespeed-ic-6lpffncpzp January 28th. Chinese New Year. 2017 – Happy Year of the Fire Rooster!

To be completely honest, I’ve been waiting for an excuse to retell this little story for a while now, & Chinese New Year, is probably the best one I’ll get.

I apologise in advance for any mistelling in this version, but this is a traditional Chinese allegorical story akin to Aesop’s Fables, that’s been retold for millennia, particularly to children around the virtues of perseverance and rewards. As with all verbal story traditions there are many many variants of the tale too.

The (very) abbreviated story is that near the top of the Yellow River in China is a particularly foreboding waterfall, known as “The Dragon’s Gate”. (There is a whole other “prequel” story as to how it came to be there, involving the Yellow Emperor, his grandson, a flood of biblical proportions & a Golden Dragon, which I won’t go into here, but it’s a good story in it’s own right, so Google it sometime).

This story, however, says that at the top of this waterfall, is a Gate, guarded by a Golden Dragon, and that any fish that can successfully make it’s way up the waterfall & over the gate, is transformed into a beautiful and powerful Dragon. Every year in the spring Koi swim up stream, getting stronger up against the current until finally they come to the waterfall. Some turn away, discouraged by the rapids, others try and fail, but those with the most determination and perseverance, manage to make it to the top and are indeed transformed into Dragons.

I hope that the Year of the Fire Rooster is the year that  we all pass through our own personal Dragon’s Gate’s and transform into Dragons!

(A more detailed telling of the story can be found here)




Samhain/Halloween Musings & Reflections

2-1October 31st. Samhain. Hallowe’en. Yesterday was Diwali, and for those of us in the UK, our ‘Black moon’ of 2016. Autumn is well and truly here and winter is fast approaching. Lots of celebrations going on whatever your faith, and yet this year, more so than normal, I’m finding I’m not feeling much like celebrating.

Instead, I find myself waking up this morning looking out of the window at golds, oranges, browns and yellows on a particularly misty, but pretty day with questions, questions, questions running through my head. I’ve come to recognise that now as a sign of “Uh-Oh, things they are a changing again”, and you’d think by now I’d have gotten used to it, but no, it still has that butterfly effect on my innards as mild anxiety and self doubt arises. If I’m brutally honest with myself, the truth as I see it is things are really always changing, life is a constant state of flux, but like most I still try to cling on to the familiar, the safe, in an attempt to reassure and feel some level of understanding of life, people and everything.

So what questions have I woken with rattling round my head, I hear you ask, after all, that really is the purpose of this post, to share the questions that are going to bug me today. So without further ado, (and through a very third dimensional prism)….

– I’m wondering if we could see ourselves through others perceptions of us, would we recognise ourselves? Or are our self perceptions disjointed relative to other peoples?

– Would we like what we see? Or would we feel guilt and shame?

– If we were to find our views disjointed from others, then are we self-deluded or do they just not “get us”?

– What judgements do we make about ourselves that others don’t? What do they see (good or bad) that we miss? What bits of us do we keep hidden or do they not notice?

– How much of our own self view is just a construction born out of a need to protect ourselves and how much has substance?

– Where do we fit into their lives, and where to they fit into ours?

– And how much do the answers to all this really matter?

And finally, my reader, what do you think?

I have a feeling, today is going to be a loonngg and heavy slog.