About Me


UntitledHi there, well done for finding me, this is my first dabble in blogging – originally, I did leave all links to social media and search engines off, but I have now got round to enabling them so if you want to find me or contact me there’s a link to both facebook and twitter accounts at the bottom of this page.

Anyway, now you’ve found me, you’re more than welcome to stay and browse and share, but I’ll be totally honest, I’m writing for an audience of one – me. By that, I don’t mean to be anti-social or rude, just that it’s primarily for my own amusement.

I used to write a lot, a mixture of lyrics, poetry, short stories – (the Tales of Doc Baroque have started to appear here now, although thinking of moving them to some other medium as WordPress isn’t ideal for this kind of serialised thing) and whatever took my fancy, but I got out of the habit, partly due to time (and partly due to a grammar nazi in my life that put me off). I went through a stage of depression a while back and writing helped me through it, far more than any counselor or pills ever did.

The name? Well, when asked, I often glibly reply “Because I’m a ray of fucking sunshine”, but really “SolarWind” was a name I used to use in chat rooms when chat rooms were a new thing, & its kind of stuck – I deliberately chose it as it’s androgynous, as I found that choosing a name that had gender connotations, people still treated you like you were a man or woman, and I just wanted people to get passed that and communicate with me, the person. And “An Audience of One”? Well I did say I write primarily for my own amusement and am really my own target audience in that sense, and it feels like an appropriate name for the bloggy thing here.

What else is there? Umm, I do a bit of healing, do a bit of channeling, and of course, do a bit of writing.

Anyway, you’re more than welcome, now Untitledcyou’ve found me, please, stay, share & enjoy…


index.png Find me on Facebook here if you want to chat,

twitter-logo or Twitter here.


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