Traffic Lights

An ode to procrastination…

1326988.jpgTraffic Lights.

It’s like sitting at traffic lights,
And watching them change.
Paralysed with indecision,
And it feels so strange.

I’m signalling left,
But do I turn right?
Whichever way I go,
Don’t want to choose tonight.

I’ve been here before,
And the safe choice is left.
But I did that last time,
And it left me feeling bereft.

But if I go right,
Have to cross the traffic flow,
Could be a juggernaut coming,
And I’d be going too slow.

So I’ll sit here and watch,
The lights go from green to red.
Follow the rain on the windscreen,
As I contemplate.

So I’ll see you, Same time, Same place, Tomorrow.

It’s like standing on the high board,
And being scared I’ll drown,
Water rippling beneath me,
Just inviting me down.

But the more I stand here,
The fear continues to rise.
And the harder it becomes,
To hide behind my disguise.

Or I could do the same as yesterday,
And just climb down the steps.
But this time tomorrow,
I know I’ll be kicking myself.

Maybe it’s time to break the circle,
Time to look over the fence.
Discard my worries,
– My last line of defence.

But no one will think worse of me,
If I choose to take the stairs.
But I’m the only one, whose opinion counts,
And so the only one who really cares.

Will I see you, Same time, Same place, Tomorrow?

14th September 1999