Savouring the Anticipation of a First Kiss…

Couple in love, enjoying in nature at the sunset (sunrise)Savouring the anticipation of a first kiss…

Prolonging the ecstatic agony – it’s like holding my breath ‘til the last drop of air is spent and burnt…

Pushing your hair away from your face, fingers gently lingering, brushing your cheek…

Relishing the moment in slowest motion – imagination projecting the first tingling breaths combining…

Lips not quite meeting in a transient linger – stretching anticipation to an absolute breaking point…

My hands on your waist, yours on my chest – a tango like push-pull of physical tension…

And the finest gossamer tenderness as mouths at last touch – a sub-atomic spark…

Then the first heavenly tastes as tongues cautiously intertwine…

Finally giving way to a divinely reserved urgency…

An imperceptible gasp – you playfully bite my lip, just a hint of delights yet to be explored…

An eternally endless moment of perfect bliss.

But for now, I’m just savouring the anticipation of a first kiss…

(c) SolarWind

3rd June 2017




Oh err Mrs, another mucky one


You call me names,
That massage my vanity,
That flatter my ego,
And they flow in sincerity,
You ignite my passion,
With a tender profanity,
A coy-wanton smile,
A hint of decadency.
You convulse as we touch,
We join in a unity,
Completing each other,
Over whelming need for security,
I twitch, and you gasp,
We convulse in a harmony,
Climaxing together,
In a moment of synchronicity.

3rd November 2000

A Flower

50b1645ea58e04946e88c629be03e200Oh err Mrs, a mucky one.

A Flower

Kissed by gentle sunlight.
Sap rising in the morning.
Turn faces to the glow.
Lips touched, begin their warming.

Captivating scent.
Aromatic, yet still fatal.
Intoxicating flower.
Bittersweet petal.

Musky aroma drifting gently.
Stamen proudly swollen.
Anticipation rising.
Dusted with your pollen.

Desire heightened by your fragrance.
That fill’s me ’til I’m bursting.
Quench my burning hunger.
Leave me spent and breathless panting.

15th November 1998