Watching the Clouds

3ec3fa1da85963cb351d6473643a7f79May day for some, Beltaine for others. I went for a dawn walk this morning at Bratton Camp, & watched a doe emerge from the mist. Beautiful, mysterious, magical, inspiring & breath taking all at once. An enigma. She didn’t stay long, as surprised to see me as I was her, startled, she darted off back into the mist again.

It was grey & overcast so no sun rise to watch, so I watched the clouds overhead instead. This was what I was gifted 🙂

Watching the Clouds.

A woman,
A genie,
A phoenix,
A dragon,
A demon,
A perching peacock,
An inverted horse.

A dolphin,
An eagle,
A snakes head,
A ring,
An archer,
A dogs head,
A bee.

A mermaid,
A hare,
A crowned silhouette,
A crow,
A whale,
A lion,
A seahorse.

The sky…

1st May 2017

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