blue butterflyThis started off as an experiment with Haiku (I’m not a fan of Haiku’s) but quickly morphed into something else. I really had been watching a butterfly with a damaged wing trying to fly:


I hatched from out my chrysalis,
To try to dry my wings,
That I may fly.
I hatched in anticipation,
I leapt with wings still dampened,
I jumped and fell.

I crawled amongst the undergrowth,
Beauty hidden from above,
Now clear in view.

I stumbled to a clearing,
And basked within the glow,
From up above.
I stretched my broken wings out,
To dry them off once more,
To try again.

I waited for a small breeze,
So again I may be back amongst,
My missing kin.

I soared to where I came from,
And smelt the sweetened scents,
Upon the air.
I revelled in the sunlight,
Glistening on my shinning wings,
Now in their prime.

From on high I looked beneath me,
Now better understanding,
Of the below.

But the clearing where I stumbled,
Unknown to all my kind,
Still draws me back
And I still now sometimes fly there,
And bask beneath the trees,
In solitude

4th August 1999

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