The Welcoming Womb

welcome_to_paradise___hdr_by_scwl-d4ehrg0.jpgThe Welcoming Womb

Everyone is searching for their own piece of heaven,
We’re all seeking out our own personal asylum,
Looking to find a private haven,
A sheltered harbour to weather the storm from.

A secluded cocoon,
A welcoming womb,

A place beyond daily responsibility,
Where wonder abounds, in glorious infinity,
No malice disturbs the peaceful tranquillity,
A place to hide from the stark reality.

Sheltered from harm,
In protecting arms.

The disturbance of others cannot be heard,
A place to retreat from the stage of the world,
Role playing your bit part is completely absurd,
Life’s audience can’t see, as the real you unfurls.

14th August 1998

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