A New Dawn, A New Day


Sunrise from the b0ttom of the Grand Canyon. (circa 2000ish)

This seems very apt for a Solstice morning… Happy Solstice Everyone.

A New Dawn, A New Day.

A new dawn, a new day,
Will it be frittered away?
Like so many that came and then passed.

A new day, a new dawn,
But let us not mourn,
For opportunities squandered and missed.
A clean page, a clean sheet,
Will it be bitter, or sweet?
Only we can decide on its fate,

A clean sheet, a clean page,
Let us not let it age,
Let us use it before it’s too late,
A fresh start, a fresh chance,
Can we see at a glance?
And learn from mistakes of the past.

A fresh chance, a fresh start,
We could all play a part,
And live it, like it is our last.

14th August 1997

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