Beggars CAN be Choosers

Beggars CAN be Choosers

Come & try a New World for size,
There’s no more hiding behind your disguise,
Beggars really can be choosers,
We all win, and no one looses.

Just have to open up your eyes,
To see beyond the tired lies,
Paupers really can be Princes,
Trust your feelings, it’s all instinctive.

No one has to carry their crosses,
No need to mourn for all our loses.
Follow the flight path of the swallow,
No need to beg, or kill, or borrow.

Just wake, ’cause you’re already there,
No more doubts, or sorrow, or fear.
They go on forever, these blue skies,
No need to hide anymore in a disguise.

Take a glimpse of what this world could be,
No ones children ever need be hungry.
Just take a look and join if you dare,
Plenty for all, if we would but share.

Follow your heart and trust your feelings,
No more suff’ring, greed or stealing.
Just close your eyes, hold out your hand,
Together we’ll find a promised land.

A place nearer than a smile away,
A place to love, and rest, and play.
We all win, and no one looses,
Where beggars really CAN be choosers.
Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor,
Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief.
All the same if you look underneath.

29th August 1999

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