Go With the Flow

rmets.org_Go with the Flow

Just going with the flow now,
Cause I’ve learnt I can fight the current.
Been tossed and turned too long,
Black and bruised by a turbulent torrent.
If there’s one thing I know now,
It’s that you can’t fight destiny.
And I’ll end up where I’m ‘sposed to be,
No need to worry anyway.

Just giving up pushing now,
The more I push, the more you resist.
And I’ve stopped wishing for now,
The more you protest, the more I insist.
Just enjoying my journey,
I’ve given up knocking on the door,
Won’t wait for you anymore.
Perversely enjoying lonely.

Stopped resisting the undertow,
I’ll no longer swim against the tide.
I’m just going with the flow now,
Saying goodbye to false foolish pride.
And I can’t fight destiny,
So I’ll just sit back and see if I can find,
The new horizons in my mind,
And I’ll just enjoy the journey.

6th October 1999

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