Finding a Familiar and A Vampire’s Soliloquy

2001-12-25 12.58.16For as long as I can remember I’ve always found the idea of being able to disappear into a crowd and fading away into anonymity so seductive. These are both about that:

Finding a Familiar.

Finding a familiar,
To search beyond my grasp,
To feel into the crevices,
For times that now have passed.

Finding a familiar,
To see beyond my sight,
To peer into the shadows,
On cold and moonless nights.

Finding a familiar,
To reach beyond my clutch,
To find for me what once was lost,
And bring it back to touch.

Finding a familiar,
To smell beyond the scent,
The hint of perfumes blown away,
‘Til again I find content.

17th September 1998

stary nightI always intended this one to be much longer, but I got this far & it seemed to stop me writing more.

The Vampire’s Soliloquy.

Shroud me in your mantle,
Obscure me from the light,
Smother me cold caresses,
My confident – the night.

Bless me anonymity,
To pass yet stay unseen,
Engulf me with your darkness,
The night, my constant Queen.

Swallow up the sunlight,
‘Til beyond eternity,
Grant me your asylum,
The night has set me free.

18th September 1998

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