And did the earth move for you, Darling?

archimedes.jpgAnother Un-Newsletter, this one from Oct ’03.

(BTW, I’m moving next week & starting a new job – normal(ish) service will be resumed when I’m all settled)


And did the Earth move for you, Darling?

“Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum strong enough, and single-handed I can move the world.” – I vaguely remember being quoted this from Archimedes, or some other classical Greek scholar, during one dull afternoon in an ‘A’ level physics class by Mr Gill, our then physics teacher. Vaguely, because I was either wishing I was out on the games field playing rugby, or was having a fantasy about whichever one of the girls in my drama class I had a teenage crush on at the time. Whatever I was thinking about, my attention certainly wasn’t focussed on physics, and given that at the time I spent a disproportionate amount of time pre-occupied with one of those two subjects, I’d hazard a guess now it was either one or the other.

But fulcrums and levers did recently pop back into my head though, while fitting a new cistern to my downstairs toilet – (I still have that little-boy fascination with all things with moving parts and was fiddling with the flushing mechanism).

And it got me thinking….

While I have no wish to go up against almost 2,500 years of the collected knowledge of mechanics, physics and engineering, from Archimedes, Brunel, through to Einstein and Hawkins (and particularly Mr Gill – I got in enough trouble with him after arguing about tea-cups, lasers and the law of entropy – buts that’s a whole other story). It also occurred to me that it is more than possible to change the world individually. There is a much simpler way of doing it.

To change the world – turn your focus inwards, change your inner world by put your own attention to your own thinking, values and motivation and with the right intent, and your outer world has a habit of fitting in around you. It’s that simple. I’ve experienced it myself and observed it in others. Ok, I accept that by doing that, your unlikely to ever tilt the world off its axis, but then who would want to anyway? It would only cause cataclysmic tidal waves and Armageddon-like chaos anyway.

But in changing yourself and focussing your attention on what really does matter to you, then real, lasting change, is very achievable, and you don’t need a lever, fulcrum or funding from NASA large enough to bankrupt the entire global economy either. And what’s more you’ll notice it has a domino-like effect, and has lasting impact on those around you too. Try it sometime, you might be surprised at the results. It’s not about just thinking something different, although that can help, but manifest those thoughts into actions, something tangible and do and be different.

The original quote, does conjure up some amusing images in my head of a skinny, elderly man, wearing a toga, with a long grey beard and bad teeth, in deep space, nonchalantly pulling on a lever, while we all are thrown around down here though. But maybe that’s just a visual of God, and not a Greek philosopher after all.

There is, of course a third method of making the earth move for you – pass my cigarettes, I feel the need for a post-coital smoke coming on.



blue butterflyThis started off as an experiment with Haiku (I’m not a fan of Haiku’s) but quickly morphed into something else. I really had been watching a butterfly with a damaged wing trying to fly:


I hatched from out my chrysalis,
To try to dry my wings,
That I may fly.
I hatched in anticipation,
I leapt with wings still dampened,
I jumped and fell.

I crawled amongst the undergrowth,
Beauty hidden from above,
Now clear in view.

I stumbled to a clearing,
And basked within the glow,
From up above.
I stretched my broken wings out,
To dry them off once more,
To try again.

I waited for a small breeze,
So again I may be back amongst,
My missing kin.

I soared to where I came from,
And smelt the sweetened scents,
Upon the air.
I revelled in the sunlight,
Glistening on my shinning wings,
Now in their prime.

From on high I looked beneath me,
Now better understanding,
Of the below.

But the clearing where I stumbled,
Unknown to all my kind,
Still draws me back
And I still now sometimes fly there,
And bask beneath the trees,
In solitude

4th August 1999

The Welcoming Womb

welcome_to_paradise___hdr_by_scwl-d4ehrg0.jpgThe Welcoming Womb

Everyone is searching for their own piece of heaven,
We’re all seeking out our own personal asylum,
Looking to find a private haven,
A sheltered harbour to weather the storm from.

A secluded cocoon,
A welcoming womb,

A place beyond daily responsibility,
Where wonder abounds, in glorious infinity,
No malice disturbs the peaceful tranquillity,
A place to hide from the stark reality.

Sheltered from harm,
In protecting arms.

The disturbance of others cannot be heard,
A place to retreat from the stage of the world,
Role playing your bit part is completely absurd,
Life’s audience can’t see, as the real you unfurls.

14th August 1998

A New Dawn, A New Day


Sunrise from the b0ttom of the Grand Canyon. (circa 2000ish)

This seems very apt for a Solstice morning… Happy Solstice Everyone.

A New Dawn, A New Day.

A new dawn, a new day,
Will it be frittered away?
Like so many that came and then passed.

A new day, a new dawn,
But let us not mourn,
For opportunities squandered and missed.
A clean page, a clean sheet,
Will it be bitter, or sweet?
Only we can decide on its fate,

A clean sheet, a clean page,
Let us not let it age,
Let us use it before it’s too late,
A fresh start, a fresh chance,
Can we see at a glance?
And learn from mistakes of the past.

A fresh chance, a fresh start,
We could all play a part,
And live it, like it is our last.

14th August 1997

Flogging A Dead Horse

an-ode-to-a-thistle-21225853Flogging a dead horse

Am I a misguided apostle?
To a solitary thistle,
But I can see beyond your thorny points.
Hardened by biting weather,
You dwarf surrounding heather,
But prickly barbs are too sharp to surmount.

Can see blue/purple petals,
But would need a skin of metal,
To approach close enough to inhale.
Watch the flower turn to pollen,
Indicating you can soften,
But your spiny darts ultimately prevail.

Tantalising glimpses of you tender,
Helpless, I’m left rendered,
Can’t get beyond your caref’ly crafted thorns.
Do you know you’re so appealing?
Or are you toying with my feelings?
Keep your armour plates – the like of me to warn.

2nd April 1999



I don’t know if there’s a God in heaven,
And if there is, I’m not sure I believe.
But there’s one thing I know without a doubt,
That I’ve been granted my share of reprieves.
Something has saved me from myself,
More times than I care to recall.
A guiding hand, that gently nudged,
That catches me when I fall.

An omnipresent constant angel,
A constant watching sentinel.

I’ve made mistakes in my life, like everyone else,
But the damage has been always contained.
By a constant presence in my life,
And my dignity has always remained.
I don’t know how to thank you,
Or even if you want or need anything from me.
But I know, when I’m low, you’ll always be there,
And I thank you for steering me free.

My omnipotent guardian angel,
My constant eternal sentinel.

9th November 1998