In Memoriam

302850_10150263538550566_1520295_nHere a couple I’ve written in memory of people passing.

The first is about a beautiful soul and friend who passed away very recently (at the time of writing). He lived in Avebury with his partner Helen & their daughter, Gracie, was an accomplished healer & Gong Master, Adrian Mieras.

He touched so many peoples lives and was adored by all those that knew him.

The sun, the moon and stars, no longer seem quite so bright,
Because there’s a you shaped hole, in the Henge tonight.
The gongs sound slightly different, across a ring of stones,
Bowls resonations shift, without you to make them tone.
But the world feels more love tonight, through your gentle healing grace,
Perpetually echoes around the cove, never destined to cease.
And there’s a little more understanding, as we let judgements slip away,
Anchored in a sarsen ring, and across the world today.
So thank you for the peace, and joy you shared and brought,
And may your love burn on eternally, forever in our hearts.

28th May 2016.

NanaThe next, is about my Grandmother, Flora. I’m not completely satisfied with this if I’m completely honest, but was urged to write something by my wider family for her funeral.

I’ve just noticed these two were written exactly seventeen years apart. Spooky.


I promise this will be the way, I’ll remember you:

Unconditionally loved us all,
Forever understanding.
Always had a gentle word,
And infinitely forgiving.

You shared our joys and victories,
As if they were your own.
And shared our burdens, when we despaired,
Feeling lost and all alone.

A smile to warm the darkest mood,
Still brings me eternal comfort.
And loving eyes smile on me still,
Smile on forever in my heart.

I miss you.
28th May 1999.

This next one, isn’t “In Memoriam”, in quite the same way as the first two, in as much it was something I wrote to me when I’d not long turned 30. In my head at least, it serves a similar purpose, hence it’s inclusion here, to a me that I was walking away from, and a new one I was walking into. I can’t pretend the journey I outline is anywhere near over, but serves as a “point in time snapshot” of where I was at then.


It’s taken thirty years,
To find the lesson,
I have chosen,
For this life cycle:

To learn to love me,
Like I’d love another,
To share with myself,
As if I was my own brother.

To accept my faults,
Like I accept yours,
To stop denying,
My infinite flaws.

To make happiness the path,
And not the goal.
To open to someone,
And share my soul.

To stop punishing me,
Like I’ve punished you all,
To be loving and humble,
And no longer the fool.

To relish and share,
The gifts given to me.
To love all mankind,
So it can love me.

17th December 1998

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