MortimerIt’s been a little while since I posted, in fact at one point I didn’t think I would again. But hey-ho, this came to me recently, one of the ones that just ‘happened’ – I’d had a really, really shitty day at work, to the point where I almost just walked out & quit.

On the way back home I stopped off at Avebury Henge, & just walked & walked round & round the stones until the sun began to set & my inner maelstrom had subsided. I also, sat for a while in Avebury churchyard & watched the crows in the trees returning to roost. Whilst I sat & watched, this came to me. Not sure if it’s Ayresish or McGoughesque. You decide.


Talk to the crows,

Cos the crows knows,

The ebbs an’ flows.

An’ the reason why, the north wind blows,

They knows if the path you chose,

Is a way to see, how the future grows –

If it’s bright an’ glows,

Or if it’s cold an’ snows.

They’ll tell, (if you ask), how well the roses grows,

An’ where the river goes.

If you watch ’em close, they often shows,

If the route ahead is open or closed,

An’ where hazards lie, on clearer roads.

Talk to the crows,

Cos the crows knows…


Take a second look,

At the big black rook.

He knows all the tricks,

(He wrote the book).

He knows why, the ground was shook,

When the wind was howlin’,

An’ the lightnin’ struck.

An’ what’s more,

He don’t give a f***,

He’ll just cock a snook,

An’ for a fool you’ll be took.

But he also knows,

How t’make ‘is own luck.

An’ that’s a talent for sure,

When you’re lost or stuck.

So, take a second look,

At the big, black rook.


Then next, you’ll find ‘im – ol’ Jackdaws,

He’s the one’ll spot all your foibles an’ flaws,

(Try though you might, to bury ’em for sure),

But fret not my friend, ’cause through ‘is cussin’ an’ caws,

He’s just trying to mend you an’ ‘elp you to restore,

All the bits that’re missin’ (or packed up in straw),

An’ the bits what got wounded in all a’ya wars.

He’ll make you more whole, an’ ready for more.

An’ when you look back, you’re better’n before.

So look out an’ welcome ‘im – ol’ Jackdaws.


An’ best not forget,

The speckled jay.

She’s the one’ll teach you,

Dance, song and play.

She’ll contrast all the beauty,

Twixt night an’ day.

Time’ll loose all it’s meanin’

And you’ll wish only to stay.

But then she’ll show you that’s folly,

And send you on your way.

She’ll leave you wiser and kinder,

(Least that’s what they say.)

You’ll never forget her,

To return you’ll always pray,

So best not forget,

The speckled jay.


Then there’s the much under-rated common chough,

(Though their ways are sometimes abrupt and gruff).

They’ll turn up for you when times get tough.

Or you’re feelin’ forlorn when you’ve ‘ad enough.

They’ll show you, you’re made of sterner stuff,

But don’t disrespect ’em or they’re off in a huff,

(Best treat ’em kindly, an’ show ’em some love).

So don’t under-rate the common chough.



An’ don’t you dare try to lie,

To the wise Magpie.

Cos he’ll see right through you,

No matter what you try.

He’s canny an’ clever,

An’ not at all shy.

When it comes to the truth,

He’s got quite the eye.

An’ if he catches you out, off he’s sure to fly,

An’ you’ll have lost a wily, cunning ally.

So, never try to lie,

To the wise Magpie.


Last (but not least),

Is the mighty raven.

She guards the roads,

(If I’m not mistaken).

She’s the one who can guide you to your personal heaven,

An’ on the way, can show all the shelters an’ havens.

An’ knows all the follies that others ‘ave maken,

(An’ a few of the wrong roads they also ‘ave taken)

So heed the word,

Of the mighty raven.


28 March 2016




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