All Too Hard

Well, seeing as I’m back to posting, (at least for now 😉 ) thought I’d strike while the iron is hot and add another. This is another oldie, not so much about unrequited love, more about when you just get all tongue tied around someone you really, really like (or is that just me? 😉 )

Again, this one has a melody, so leaving the chorusy bit out:

All Too Hard.

So hard to find the words,
And make them sound sincere,
Mists absorb emotions,
Turn them all unclear.

So hard to find expressions,
To say what’s in my heart,
Overwhelming feelings,
Means I don’t know how to start.

Too hard to find the courage,
To say what you mean to me.
Your shinning eyes so piecing,
Paralyse me helplessly.

Too hard to find the phrasing,
They all sound so clichéd.
But your smile so disarming,
Leave me all but crushed and slayed.

Too hard to find moment,
It never feels OK,
To open up my heart to you,
So I’ll bite my tongue again today.

Too hard to ask the question,
It just twists and turns inside.
To ask it would be too greater a risk,
Of fatal damage to my pride.
25th May 1999

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