11Another one from out of depression. A few years later, a friend of mine was reading some of the stuff I’d written, and made the observation, that although depression is a dark & less than pleasant place to be, things of beauty can still be created and found in it. It look a while for me to understand where she was coming from – that beauty is everywhere if you can find it, but it did really change my perspective and view on depression & being depressed.Until then writing had merely been a way the only way I had externalising unpleasant emotions.


Soured wine,
Poisoned well,
Bitter pill,
Hollow shell.

Ramses’ Curse,
Vampire’s kiss,
Glutton’s dose,
Oblivion’s bliss.

Broken heart,
No good to man,
Medusa’s stare,
Satan’s plan.

Serpent’s bite,
Venomous sting,
Hunter’s snare,
Shattered wings.

Fragile heart,
Tortured brain,
Tormented soul,
Perpetual pain.

Crippled soul,
Twisted psyche,
Siren’s call,
Vengeful harpie.

23rd Jan 1999

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