Diff’rent Times


Lots of people have assumed this is about relationships. It was never written with that intent, but if you want it to be, that’s cool too.

Diff’rent Times.

Reason’s are fading.
As the sun’s sinking.
Surrender to feelings.
Relinquish our thinking.

As the sun fades, we come alive.
– Back to square one again.
Same place, just diff’rent times.
Same place, just diff’rent lives.
Same place, and nobody minds.

As the moon soars, we shed our skins,
– Turn back the clock again.
Same time, at a diff’rent pace,
Same time, with a diff’rent face,
Same time, another place.

Under starlight, we drop our screens,
– Changing the world again.
Same lives, diff’rent ideas,
Same lives, diff’rent hopes and fears,
Same lives, but it’s still so unclear.

Just a diff’rent permutation, diff’rent twist.
Taking our turns as through our lives we all drift.
And time looses meaning, with the fading sun.
Night time beckons us – two become one.
– Taking a chance to fix the damage we’ve done.

And at sunrise, back to the dream,
– Facing the world again.
Same mouth, with a diff’rent smile,
Same face, slightly diff’rent eyes,
Same voice, but the same old lies.

But the river’s still running,
Heart’s still racing,
And you still feel the yearning,
But don’t change anything…

13th March 2000

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