No Stairway? Denied!

imagesRemember Wayne’s World, in the guitar shop? I’m sure there’s a whole list of songs that guitar shop’s ban – “Hotel California”, “Smoke on the Water” and “Freebird” all must be pretty high on that list too.

This one started off as a sort of tribute to Wayne’s World as a parody of “Stairway to Heaven”. I distinctly remember the first two lines originally were “There’s a lady who thinks, That life itself stinks”, but it quickly morphed itself into something else. I’m kind of pleased with it, even though it works to the a fore mentioned Stairway…

Road to Damnation

There’s a girl who believes,
She’s beyond all reprieve,
& she’s paving the road to damnation.
On her death bed she’ll see,
That she could have been free,
Just a smile would have brought her salvation.

& she’s paving the road to damnation.

& the words on her grave,
Mark a soul to be saved,
Leave no doubt of the route she has taken.
As a biting wind blows,
There’s a raven that crows,
& it speaks of a soul that’s forsaken.

& it makes me wonder

I find it hard to forget,
As I watch the sunset,
‘Cause my psyche, is aching to join her.
In my dreams while I slept,
& the tears that I’ve wept,
But her voice is still haunting & luring.

& it makes me wonder

& if we wait long enough,
Though the waiting is tough,
There’s an angel, will take us to heaven.
Re-united again,
& no longer in pain,
& a dove will supplant the raven.

& it makes me wonder

Hear wind disturb the forest leaves,
If it might please,
My lady’s waiting on my shoulder.
I’ll willingly follow down the same road,
Seldom trodden,
No longer scared of getting older.

& it makes me wonder

As I drift resting, dreaming, sleeping,
No longer weeping.
See Jacob’s ladder descending.
An angel whispers on the mistral,
& I now know,
Our time is surly now coming.

As we rise higher in my mind,
Our souls forever now combine,
There waiting on a golden throne,
Templar Queen no longer leaving us alone,
Rest our heads upon her knees,
Recall the whispers on the breeze,
& the lesson’s fin’ly seen,
We’ve always been one & the same,
& our lives are just a game…

& she’s paving the road to salvation…

July ’98

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