To What has come to Pass

broken-heart.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.jpgUnrequited love (sigh).

Hurt’s doesn’t it? We’ve all been “friend zoned” sometime I guess.

To What has come to Pass.

The time has come to draw a veil,
Over disappointments, and past betrayals.
To carry them on – a pathetic farce,
It’s time to face opportunities passed.

To each room of mem’ries, I’ll visit in turn,
And snuff each candle so it no longer burns.
Draw the curtains, and close the blinds,
Spread the dustsheets of my mind.

But there’s one room I must stay a while,
Gaze on the picture of your smile.
Your golden hair that frames your face,
Can’t bring myself to leave this place,

But leave I must, or else go mad,
Coveting what, for me turned so bad.
I close my eyes, at me you stare,
The scent of Elnett on your hair.

And wonder what might have been,
If I’d chosen you to be my Queen,
But I took the cowards’ path instead,
For fear your laughs would strike me dead.

I’ll still close the curtains, to keep me sane,
And cover the perpetual pain.
But hope makes me wonder if there’s still a chance,
For us to take one last dream-dance,

Maybe the time will be away so far,
But this room’s door, I will leave ajar…

20th September 1998

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