Your Place in the Multiverse

multiverseAnother Un-Newsletter from the early 2000’s.

Your place in  the Multiverse

It was about 2.30am this morning when I found myself in a taxi rank outside of Reading station, after a great evening out in London. Behind me in the queue was an undergraduate from Reading Uni, complete with “skater-boy” look and obligatory bum-fluff on his chin, probably studying either philosophy, psychology or theoretical physics and obviously more than a bit worse for wear and desperately trying to impress the young girl he was with, with his knowledge of string theory, worm-holes and sub-atomic particles. I even chuckled to myself when he brought up Schrödinger’s Cat, and in his semi-inebriated state got it all wrong – not that she noticed, or was in the slightest bit interested – could almost tell she’d got to the point where he’d pulled, as long as he he shut his mouth and didn’t bore her silly with his inane drivel, but he was probably still too young or drunk to figure that out for himself.

I eventually climbed into my taxi, got home, and after waking up, spent most of the day nursing my own hangover, giving myself plenty of time to ponder the events of the day before and much more besides and I found myself mentally wandering down an avenue extrapolating some of the things he’d said, mixed with my own idea’s, thoughts and whimsy’s of the moment.

It occurred to me though, that in many ways, we already exist in the multiverse he was describing, but perhaps not nearly as spectacular or exciting as Science Fiction may have us believe – its estimated that there are over six billion people alive on the planet at the moment. And that means over six billion different points of view, opinions, perceptions and personal prejudices out there, in effect we all exist in our own little personal version of the universe.

When I try to comprehend that sort of figure and that many diverse ideas out there I find my brain turning to mush and I give up, it leaves me feeling very humble, insignificant and in awe of life. When you couple that fact with when two or more people do get together and something clicks, “two or more worlds collide”, and you make a connection just because some of those ideas and feelings coincide, it’s a really special moment, and makes me realise just how precious and fragile life is. Especially when you consider most people spend most of their lives living in “their own little world” it makes it all the more special.

But it begs the question – What did you do today to reach out beyond your own little multiverse, connect with someone and make a difference to them today? And what will you do tomorrow?

Sept ’04

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