Nine dreams from ’99 and Girl in the Clouds

2001-11-10 15.19.22I did for a short while, keep a dream diary, but to be honest, like a regular diary, I was a bit rubbish at keeping it. I thought it might be interesting to turn the ones I did remember into a poem. It was surprisingly hard to summarise a whole dream down to four lines:

Nine Dreams from ’99

Floating in a blackened void,
Bathed in violet laser lights.
Basking in tranquillity,
Revel in calm delights.

Civil war scholar,
With old friends from my past.
Prepare to pit our intellects,
‘Gainst the Roundhead foe at last.

Twentieth century jester,
Hell raising in New York.
Leave a path of chaos,
The nature of my work.

Lilac chiffon scarf,
Brushed gently on my naked skin.
Feel the tender glowing,
Igniting from within.

New born baby smiling,
Sleeping on my chest.
Protect her tender helplessness,
And nurture innocence.

Making love al fresco,
On a paradise ocean side.
Feeling passion rising,
And ebbing with the tide.

Science fiction warrior,
Wielding laser sword.
Smiting evil villains,
To wipe out their discord.

Vocal duel’s with Freddie,
On a floodlit outdoor set.
Hear harmonies blending with,
Euphoric crowd I won’t forget.

Iridescent butterfly,
Rising from the flames.
Morph into a Phoenix,
Eradicate the pain.

22nd/24th August 1999

de25_005This was from another dream, later that the ’99 ones. Peculiar in as much it was completely silent.

Girl in the Clouds.

Pink Clouds billowed silently,
And I saw her face appear.
A Girl from the past, or somewhere else,
Features far from clear.
But she gazed on down at me,
‘Though I couldn’t see her eyes.
But I could feel the love she felt for me,
Are you my Angel or my guide?
And I knew that she was smiling,
‘Though her mouth also obscured.
But she watched, and smiled, and loved me,
And waited ‘til I woke.

11th June 2000

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